The Albert Street Media team specialise in creating custom music for:

  • Radio/TV campaigns: Jingles & Backing Music
  • TV & Film Productions: Scoring, & Backing Music
  • All types of commercial and artistic projects

With comprehensive experience writing across pop, rock, urban and Top 40 genres for both commercial and artistic projects, Albert Street Media can flesh out your campaign ideas or offer amazing concepts from scratch. We create catchy, effective jingles and custom production music with the help of our award winning songwriters, lyricists and copywriters.

Our creative team will capture the essence of your project and produce audio that delivers on the brief – every time. 

Our engineers trained at Alchemea College of Audio Engineering in London and are experienced across a range of genres, bringing a professional level of production to your music and working with our team of house and session musicians to create outstanding audio for any project.

Don't limit your project to lifeless stock production music or out-of-the box jingles that sound like they were built on a 1980's keyboard – contact us today to hear how we can create unique and 'real' music at a reasonable cost. Check the videos below for some examples of Albert Street Media productions.